Carla Stewart’s Debut Novel: Way Back in 2010 (book review)

There are books I recommend because they are a “good read.” Then, there are a very few recently published books such as Carla Stewart’s Chasing Lilacs that surpass the entertainment category and help define authentic literary fiction. 

I don’t believe literary fiction is always a genre exclusive of all other genres.  However, Stewart’s Chasing Lilacs artfully focuses upon and searches deeply into character, psychology, and character psychology as well as style (rather than concentrating first and foremost on narrative and plot).

As you read through and experience Stewart’s composition, you discover room for interpretation and opportunities for self-definition.  The entertainment factor is a delightful bonus. At the risk of sounding overly academic, I dare say Chasing Lilacs is a timeless, beautiful exploration.  An amazing debut novel!

(And for those of you who know me, no, I don’t have a heart for this novel just because it’s set in Texas…but it didn’t hurt!)

Chasing Lilacs
Author: Carla Stewart
Pub. June 2010
ISBN: 9780446556552