Ora et Labora: Pray and Work

Some pre-Lenten thoughts (with us Catholic wives and homeschool mamas in mind, but truth for all) to keep moving with life and growing in Faith during the upcoming time of Lenten prayer and work: If we homeschool mamas are in constant connection with God through regular prayer (ceaseless is my modus operandi), our eyes and… More

The Supreme Vocation

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I do judge a book by its cover. And The Supreme Vocation of Women According to St. John Paul II by Melissa Maleski (Sophia Institute Press 2020) dons a beautiful pink cover with an oil painting Humbled Heart of Mary (Olga Conens 2020). In her book, Maleski contemplates,… More

Creativity for English and Beyond

Sitting in my now regular car dealership service waiting room and watching rain through the two-story windows, I cherish how the pounding drops somewhat obscure the federally-funded tv morning cartoons…that no one is watching, by the way. Why would we? All six of the other customers waiting on their vehicles are at least forty years… More

Tamera Alexander and Historical Fiction (from 2011)

Tamera has published many books since I originally posted this, and they have been fantastic books. Read for yourself: Tamera Alexander books. I’ve never been a big fan of “romance” novels or historical fiction, but I’ve found an author who not only captures my attention but runs away with my imagination.  My greatest attraction to… More

Anna Quindlen (book review)

My husband read the dust cover synopsis of Anna Quindlen’s Every Last One when I was early in the book and asked, “So what’s the ‘shocking act of violence’?” Suddenly distressed, I couldn’t imagine anything out of the Latham family’s ordinary life changing. I was just enjoying the ride, watching their daily lives unfold. You… More

Interview with Carla Stewart (from 2012)

I originally posted this in the Spring of 2012. What an honor to have had a chance to interview author Carla Stewart! Carla Stewart’s writing reflects her passion for times gone by as depicted in her first highly-acclaimed novel, Chasing Lilacs, which was a 2011 Finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award and winner of the 2011 Best Fiction… More

The Personification of a Wristwatch

In the film Stranger Than Fiction (2006), the personification of a wristwatch tickled me… Concerning its owner Harold Crick, the “Taxman” (Will Ferrell), tying his tie, the wristwatch “thought the single Windsor made [Crick’s] neck look fat, but said nothing” for it wanted to be timely…well, it was only natural, right? And when Crick was… More

A Bit Late to the Game (book review)

I know I’m a bit late to the game on this contemporary women’s fiction novel, but I give five stars to Nicholas Sparks’s The Notebook because the story touched my heart. The suffering involved in this beautiful story reveals (to a world that commonly and unfortunately links romance with Hollywood-hype) that true love, romantic love,… More

“Joan of Arcadia”

I have professed it repeatedly…I’ll say it many times again…it is such a shame, a creative and spiritual loss to the television viewing masses, that creator and producer Barbara Hall’s “Joan of Arcadia” never made it past season two. Throughout the series (insert sigh of exasperation over the truncated life of this message-filled show), one… More

An Honest Love Story (book review)

I found a new best friend! Well not really, but if we met in person, the moment could well be an instant sisterhood made in Heaven. In Ree Drummond’s perfectly titled autobiography The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels – A Love Story, I passionately identified with her story…the messy emotional ups and downs… More


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