Creativity for English and Beyond

Sitting in my now regular car dealership service waiting room and watching rain through the two-story windows, I cherish how the pounding drops somewhat obscure the federally-funded tv morning cartoons…that no one is watching, by the way. Why would we? All six of the other customers waiting on their vehicles are at least forty years old and looking down and thumb-scrolling on their phones. 

And this is just one moment in time on a regular day…

What do we observe in the world around us: 

  • what is your overall world; and where, specifically, are you right now
  • perceive with all your God-given senses: the physical and the spiritual
  • collect, collect, collect

How do we synthesize/organize observations: 

  • let collected observations blend naturally
  • allow observations to separate instinctively 
  • see how else you can manipulate groupings

What are the methods to grow imaginations:

  • how could you add dialogue to the scene you observed
  • what physical senses would fit into or surprisingly change the situation
  • how else could you extend the scene beyond what you actually observed 

How do we utilize this imagination:

  • illustrate the scene in your mind
  • derive meaning and list the questions to ask and/or lessons to learn
  • create new scenes/stories/dialogue 

How do we translate all these findings/revelations/imagination into words:

  • compose a poem
  • write prose
  • take the meaning you extracted or created and find a way to deliver that message to others

This fall I am teaching a 12-week course at Lasting Impact to help activate and exercise this creative way of thinking called “Creativity for English and Beyond.” 

This course aims to fill in the gaps that many English programs leave. To think critically, effectively communicate, problem-solve, and experience life more fully, people must look through a new and wider lens.

During this unique course, students will participate in group discussions and activities. They will learn to engage the imagination and express creative thinking all while taking an extra dose of formal English language and literature instruction.

I am passionate about our weird and wonderful English language and creativity. In my life, I believe in venerating beauty, exploring imagination, and encouraging thought all for the greater glory of God. I would love to take a semester-long journey with you to get you excited about and equipped to experience the world of creativity.