The Supreme Vocation

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I do judge a book by its cover. And The Supreme Vocation of Women According to St. John Paul II by Melissa Maleski (Sophia Institute Press 2020) dons a beautiful pink cover with an oil painting Humbled Heart of Mary (Olga Conens 2020).

In her book, Maleski contemplates, analyzes, and inspires. In a world that (generally) vilifies true masculinity and distorts authentic femininity, she provides a way to understand, articulate, and appreciate the beautiful, grace-filled complementarity of man and woman. I highlighted and marked up almost every page; it’s just absolutely rich.

Even reading the Table of Contents is intriguing. Really! Maleski composed ten utterly distinct chapters that together create a bold, unified message for all men and women.

I encourage you to delve into this book and then spread the universal truths revealed to you.