The Personification of a Wristwatch

In the film Stranger Than Fiction (2006), the personification of a wristwatch tickled me…

Concerning its owner Harold Crick, the “Taxman” (Will Ferrell), tying his tie, the wristwatch “thought the single Windsor made [Crick’s] neck look fat, but said nothing” for it wanted to be timely…well, it was only natural, right?

And when Crick was catching his morning commute bus, “his wristwatch would delight in the feeling of the crisp wind rushing over its face.”  Other mentions of the wristwatch’s character appear throughout the film, but the character never develops. How could it, really? Hmm…

Anyway, the watch gets it right in the face at the end, but I didn’t mind its tragic demise. The personification amused me, but the watch never had my heart.

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