Momnipotent: The Not-So-Perfect Woman’s Guide to Catholic Motherhood (Book Review)

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For someone who repeatedly professes (and rather boldly), “Non-fiction books are not really my thing” (pronounced “thang”), I have just completed reading another non-fiction book…and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. In fact, I devoured it! The process required tissues to wipe away some tears while I belted out spontaneous laughter for there were many “that is so true” moments.DBean bk

Danielle Bean’s Momnipotent: The Not-So-Perfect Woman’s Guide to Catholic Motherhood is a great read-alone book as well as an eight-week group study program (which, thankfully, I have been invited to participate in).

This book helps us mamas understand and celebrate true femininity, what Pope St. John Paul II described and outlined as the Feminine Genius (Mulieris Dignitatem, August 15, 1988). And if we already possess a deep understanding of this vocation of motherhood, this book provides encouragement to continue on this beautiful, sanctifying journey.

And, if you are intrigued by the “Strength/Weakness” paradigm through which Bean introduces each chapter, you may wish to explore Dr. Richard P. Johnson’s book, Discover Your Spiritual Strengths: Find Health, Healing, and Happiness, in which Dr. Johnson explores spiritual forces and the shadows and compulsions of these forces as factors of your personality.

…but that’s another non-fiction book for another day…

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The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels – A Love Story (Book Review)

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Ree D.I found a new best friend! Well not really, but if we met in person, the moment could well be an instant sisterhood made in Heaven.

In Ree Drummond’s perfectly titled autobiography The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels – A Love Story, I passionately identified with her story…the messy emotional ups and downs of young womanhood… falling instantly and madly and deeply in love…getting hitched the old fashioned way (in an actual church)…and having that first baby girl.

Drummond’s relatable, comfortable style of writing draws her readers in to admire her life transform from a thoroughly-sure-of-her-destiny young woman who meets up with a life-changing man to a fiercely protective “Mama” who loves her husband even more because now he is “Daddy.”

Her descriptions are revealing, pictorial, and sometimes just downright palpable.

I always love an honest story, especially an honest love story…

The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels – A Love Story
By Ree Drummond
Publication date: 2011
ISBN 978-0-06-199716-7

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Greatest Betrayals by a Commander and Chief in America’s History!

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“When it comes to fighting ISIS, President Obama’s not just incompetent, he dangerous. And it’s put every American’s  life at risk. In fact, I believe how Obama has handled the threat from radical Islam, and his shocking assistance in helping Iran get a nuclear bomb, are two of the greatest betrayals by a Commander and Chief in America’s history.

The link below is for a video I just released that has rapidly gone viral.  It exposes Obama and Clinton’s national security failures, explain why they have put American’s lives in grave danger, and highlights how we can destroy ISIS before they’re here in our own backyard.

It’s absolutely critical as many Americans see this video ASAP. I don’t want you to send even one cent to my campaign.  Instead, I am asking…and praying, that you will forward this email to 5 friends, neighbors or family members, and ask them to watch this revealing video.

Obama and Clinton have hidden from the American people just how dangerous the situation really is.  This video will blow the lid off that!  Please place this video on your social networks and forward this email to at least 5 people.  If you do this, it’s very possible we will end Clinton’s campaign for President, and save countless American lives.

God Bless.

Rick Santorum”

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Happy 2015…Wait, no…Happy 2016!

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Happy New Year, times two…it’s been a while…about, umm, a full year since I have posted anything new on my personal website. But I have very deliberately chosen to feel joyful about my lack of “progress.”

My chosen path of progress has been in my little corner of the world, loving my ever-more gorgeous husband (insert, sigh and dreamy look) and raising/homeschooling our six beautiful, feisty and fun children. Well, maybe it is tad bigger than a corner. A family of eight, plus a big dog, might feel a bit cramped in a corner…

The other day I decided to type a list of what our family did in 2015 (as part of a future, secret Christmas gift for hubby…I enjoy planning ahead and working on projects), and I could not believe the vast amount of activities we participated in:

1 beautiful First Communion Mass
2 books clubs (involving many snacks!)
2 piano recitals and a competition
4 trips (racking up many miles on the van)
6 camp-outs: winter, spring, summer, and fall
8 family birthday parties
softball, baseball, and soccer (go teams!)
ballet, drama, speech and debate classes
creating a new Speech and Debate club
several fun visits from Gigi and Poppy
Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
sledding in the snow
a little community service thrown in
a handful of Catholic Writers’ meetings
lots of house cleaning
lots of school work
lots of living and loving
and no blogging…

So, hope you enjoyed a happy 2015 and may 2016 be full of many blessings and much love and fun! See you next time…

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Holy Seasons

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With hopes that you, your family, and your friends enjoy a beautiful holy-days filled winter!

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